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Litchfield…With more than 200 new laws set to take effect on January 1st, State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) is urging Illinois residents to familiarize themselves with the new statutes that will increase public safety, add new driving restrictions and protect the health and safety of children.

Springfield...Under legislation introduced and sponsored by State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville) and passed out of the Senate this week, bobcat hunting may once again be permitted in Illinois.  HB 4226 would allow the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to establish a hunting season on bobcat between November 1st and February 15th, and permit hunters to take one bobcat per person per season.
CHICAGO – The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) and the Illinois Finance Authority (IFA) are pleased to announce the launch of the Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program application period. This year, $14 million in loans are being made available through the Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program to be used by fire departments to fund the purchase of fire trucks and brush trucks. The application period will run from October 15th to December 12th, 2014. “These loans can help departments across the state get newer, more reliable equipment than they are currently using,” said State Fire Marshal Larry Matkaitis. The Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program provides zero percent or low-interest loans up to $350,000 toward the purchase of fire trucks or brush trucks, and loans must be repaid within 20 years. Fire departments, fire protection districts, and township fire departments that are units of local government are all eligible for these loans. This summer Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation which increased the cap on loans through the Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program from $250,000 to $350,000. The newly increased loan cap allows fire departments to buy newer, more advanced vehicles than they might otherwise have been able to afford. In 2012, the Office of the State Fire Marshal awarded $4.2 million to 19 recipients through the Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program. This year, the OSFM anticipates that increased funding and a newly increased loan cap will allow many more departments to fund the purchase of newer fire trucks and brush trucks, and in turn, provide more effective service to their local districts. For more information about the program please visit:
Springfield...Military service members, veterans and their families will now have additional financial resources to assist with navigating the “sea of goodwill” that is available throughout the state. SB 3222, sponsored by State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R-Morrisonville), will allow the Illinois Joining Forces (IJF) to raise money as a not-for-profit to further their goals of offering a broad array of support services. “With so many organizations available to assist our military service members, veterans and families, it can often be overwhelming to know where to turn for assistance,” said Rosenthal. “That is where the Illinois Joining Forces excels. By creating a one-stop shop to help our military find the assistance they need, the IJF makes the process less daunting. Establishing the Illinois Joining Forces Foundation as a not-for-profit will allow for additional resources to be allocated towards their mission, services and programs.” Under Rosenthal’s legislation signed into law, the Illinois Joint Forces Foundation will be able to solicit and accept grants, private donations, as well as private and public funding for disbursal to enhance their mission, services, programs and operations. SB 3222, now P.A. 98-0986, is effective immediately.
Springfield… State Representative Wayne Rosenthal (R – Morrisonville) was recently honored with the Jim Guilinger Outstanding Legislator Award by the Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education (ILCAE) for his support and service to Illinois agricultural education. The award was presented on Agriculture Day during the 2014 Illinois State Fair in Springfield. “I am truly honored to be presented with the Jim Guilinger legislative award,” said Rosenthal.” “As technology continues to change the way we farm, we must ensure that future generations are equipped with the education needed to continue Illinois’ strong agriculture legacy. That is why I feel it is important that we in the legislature do everything we can to ensure agricultural education programs statewide receive the funding and attention they deserve.” The legislative award was named after Jim Guilinger, a state and national leader in agriculture education who served as national president of what is now the national Association for Career and Technical Education. The Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education was created in the mid 1980s to provide agricultural students, teachers and administrators with useful tools and technology to promote excellence in agriculture education.